Social media split over super-close play on Rays speedster's bold attempt to steal home


A rare stolen base attempt in Game 5 of the World Series had social media split over both the wisdom of the move -- and whether the umps got it right.

Rays outfielder Manuel Margot was nabbed at home plate with two outs in the fourth inning on Sunday night while attempting his brazen heist against Dodgers ace left-hander Clayton Kershaw.

The speedy Margot had already wreaked havoc on the basepaths with his legs earlier in the inning, reaching third after stealing second base and advancing on an errant throw.

But when Margot extended his long lead off third and broke for home after a couple stutter-steps, Kershaw appeared to realize it. The veteran ace stepped off the rubber and delivered a clean throw to catcher Austin Barnes.

Margot, formerly of the Red Sox and Padres, seemed to make the play closer than it should have been with a nifty swim maneuver during a head-first slide into the plate, but he was called out.

The close play was reviewed, and ultimately upheld.

While Barnes appears to tag Margot before the baserunner's hand reaches the plate, it looks like he may have touched Margot with his bare hand.

It marked the first attempted steal of home in the World Series since 2002, according to ESPN.

The play would have tied the score if Margot had scored -- but instead the Dodgers preserved a 3-2 lead. They tacked on another run for a 4-2 victory, gaining a 3-2 series lead in the process.

The bang-bang play with Margot generated buzz on social media.

Some were floored by the sheer boldness of the stunt.

Others were more interested in the umpires' call.