Struggling Rental Services are Storing Excess Cars at Dodger Stadium


The coronavirus quarantine has turned many of the nation’s largest cities into virtual ghost towns, but as Robert Gauthier of the Los Angeles Times recently discovered, several prominent stadiums in California are still filled to capacity. Not with spectators, mind you, but with parked cars. One look at the Dodger Stadium parking lot and you’d think Clayton Kershaw was on the mound slinging 12-6 curveballs for the NL West Champs.

Not many folks are renting cars in the age of COVID-19 and, as we’re finding, most rental lots aren’t equipped for a dry spell of this magnitude. With more cars than spaces, dealerships and rental business are having to stash their whips elsewhere, which is why the otherwise abandoned likes of Dodger and Angel Stadiums are overflowing with unused vehicles. It may look like there’s a concert going on inside Santa Anita Park (the site of last year’s Breeders’ Cup Classic) or the Port of Long Beach, but the jam-packed lots are really just a product of COVID-19 and the disruptive effect it’s having on the rental car industry.

Governor Gavin Newsom has expressed his desire for California to resume sports in the very near future (early June appears to be the target date), though it’s unlikely fans would be able to attend games, at least initially. Until it’s deemed safe for us to return to our pre-corona status quo, Chavez Ravine will have to make do with its army of unused Toyotas while Cody Bellinger and his teammates wait at home for the green light.

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