Sportsbook Refunding 2019 Yankees Bets After Latest Cheating Developments


It appears that Yankees fans, or at least Yankees bettors, will be getting some sort of reparations over the Houston Astros sign-stealing scandal.

PointsBet Sportsbook, which takes sports bets in New Jersey and Iowa, announced they are refunding anyone who placed money on the Bronx Bombers in a 2019 American League Futures or World Series Futures wager.

It is part of the sportsbook’s “Good Karma Kommittee” initiative in which the company refunds bets in the form of bonus bets, according to CBS Sports. Anyone who placed such a bet receives a notification that a refund has been issued directly into their account.

While MLB’s punishment for the Astros was strictly confined to the 2017 season, in which Houston won the World Series and topped the Yankees in seven games in the ALCS, there have been recent questions about possible cheating in the 2019 season, too.

On Thursday, social media had run wild with several uncorroborated claims of different methods of sign-stealing that the Astros engaged in during the 2019 season, in which they topped the Yankees again in the ALCS in six games.

One of these theories included Jose Altuve, who hit the walk-off home run in Game 6, wearing a device that allowed him to know which pitch was coming.

While MLB released a statement that these claims were explored but could not be verified, the cloud of suspicion plus the Astros’ previous actions led many to buy into this possibility.

Johnny Aitken, the CEO of PointsBet USA, seemed to think there was enough there to at least recompensate those who bet on the Yankees.

“Given the latest developments in this wild story, we think it’s only right to do our part and give back to all the Yankees bettors who now feel cheated in retrospect,” he told CBS Sports. “We’ve always been aggressive with our Good Karma Payouts, but this one is simple. The fallout of this scandal may linger a bit for the MLB, but we won’t let it linger for PointsBet clients.”

The company has previously gone this route before. In October, PointsBet refunded those who bet that Chicago Bears quarterback Mitch Trubisky would win the NFL MVP award. They also refunded those who bet on the New Orleans Saints after a blatant pass interference was not called in the 2019 NFC Championship game, which would have given the Saints a victory and trip to the Super Bowl.

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