Trevor Bauer Rips Houston Astros Again Over 'Illegitimate' Title


Reds pitcher Trevor Bauer has long been an outspoken critic of the Houston Astros, and he doesn't appear interested in letting up any time soon.

Bauer has renewed his digs at the Astros over the cheating scandal that rocked MLB last offseason, in a video clip recently released by his production company.

During the approximately eight-minute video, Bauer is joined for live batting practice by Reds teammate and utility man Derek Dietrich at what appears to be some kind of park or practice facility.

After a brief intro by Dietrich in which he claims the clip was sponsored by "Locked Up Pawn Shop," Bauer weighs in with his trademark scathing sarcasm.

"Today's live AB is brought to you by the Houston Astros," says Bauer, "where every hitter is entitled to know exactly which pitch is coming, and I'm allowed to lie and cheat my way to a championship. The Houston Astros, your home for illegitimate titles."

"Oh god," says a laughing Dietrich. "Game on!"

Later, Bauer takes a break to address the viewers after surrendering a long foul ball off Dietrich's bat.

"I want this to go as a lesson to everybody at home, that when the hitter knows what's coming, you do way better."

Bauer's beef with the Astros goes back at least a couple years, when he was still with the Cleveland Indians. In 2018, he suggested Astros pitchers were using foreign substances to doctor the ball, and he has enjoyed an extended "I told ya so" tour since the Astros cheating scandal surfaced.

In February, when Spring Training camps first opened in the wake of the offseason scandal, Bauer said he had no sympathy for Houston, calling them "hypocrites" and "cheaters."