Social media abuzz after spotting A-Rod at Joe Biden's inauguration: 'Forrest Gump of our time'


Alex Rodriguez really is everywhere these days. Whether it is the Grammys, the Super Bowl, even the presidential inauguration.

Wait, what?

Yes, the former Yankees star once again found himself at the center of the universe on Wednesday in attendance for the inauguration of President Joe Biden in Washington, D.C.

Rodriguez’s fiancée, Jennifer Lopez, was performing "This Land is Your Land" and "America the Beautiful" at the inauguration so, naturally, A-Rod found himself there as well.

He posted a selfie on Instagram earlier in the day in front of the Capitol, but it was not until the TV cameras caught him – in front of former president Barack Obama nonetheless – that had everyone buzzing on social media about his presence.

Heck, even the broadcast news hosts like Brian Williams and Jake Tapper were startled and somewhat confused to see the former slugger there, right in the thick of things.

Of course, the jokes on social media began flowing in – calling him a modern-day Forrest Gump and asking the important questions, such as who will play A-Rod in the SNL skit?

And, as with anything involving Rodriguez, his longtime nemesis Jose Canseco even weighed in.

All of this begs the question: where will we see A-Rod next?

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