Twitter once again roasts Angel Hernandez for ridiculously bad strike zone


When baseball inevitably moves onto an electronic strike zone, or “robo umps,” we’ll all look back at Angel Hernandez when searching for the reason why.

The veteran umpire, who has an unfavorable reputation amongst fans and within the game, was at it again on Tuesday night behind the plate for the Cleveland Indians – Chicago White Sox game – calling strikes that were way off the plate.

His wide strike zone was applied to both teams, so at least he was consistent, but not before fans on social media once again began sounding off on their frustration with him.

With a strike zone like this, Twitter did its thing and began relentlessly roasting Hernandez to the point that he was trending on the platform.

Here’s some of the best of what fans had in store:

When the robo umps finally do arrive we're going to miss out on so much fun.

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