Who has hit the most home runs in MLB per U.S. Presidency?


Tuesday is Election Day, and if Joe Biden defeats Donald Trump and becomes the 46th President-Elect of the United States, then Mike Trout is the winner.

The winner, that is, of the title of “Major Leaguer who hit the most home runs during the Trump administration,” with a total 134 dingers from 2017-2020.

Just one of those random pieces of minutiae some wonder about…and if you’re wondering how far down the rabbit hole this can go, Jeremy Frank, the founder of Diamond Digest, has compiled the list of most home runs per presidency going all the way back to the first Grover Cleveland administration, which began just before the 1885 season.

Quite a bit of New York representation (not surprisingly, Babe Ruth led the league over three Presidencies), but what is surprising is that baseball's all-time leader overall never led any of the Presidential terms he played during. The full list:

In case you’re a real completist, the National League was founded in 1876, so it also would include the final season of Ulysses S. Grant’s Presidency, four years of Rutherford B. Hayes, one of James A. Garfield, and three of Chester A. Arthur.

And in case you’re a SUPREME completist, well, George Hall of the Philadelphia Athletics led the NL with five homers in 1876, so he’s the Grant champion, while Charley Jones’ 19 (including a whopping NINE in 1879) led the way for the Hayes years.

Dan Brouthers had a league-high eight in 1881 (the only year played under Garfield), and to round it out, it appears as if Ned Williamson had 32 homers during the Arthur years, including 27 in an 1884 season that looks like a juiced-ball year if there ever was one in the 19th century.

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