Yankees Ponchos Reportedly Given to NYC Doctors Amid Shortfall in Protective Gear


A New York Yankees giveaway item has become the symbol of frustration for at least one healthcare worker who feels inadequately equipped to take on the coronavirus.

A twitter user claiming to be a gynecologist working at a New York City hospital posted a photo of a Yankees-branded poncho, and said she was given the item to be used as personal protective equipment for her upcoming shift.

The user blamed the shortfall of equipment on "the federal government," and closed with #GetUsPPE, a call for proper equipment.

An MSNBC booking producer said he received a similar report from a "doctor friend."

The report comes amid a flood of similar stories from around the world as countries have scrambled to stock up on gear amid the pandemic. Healthcare workers in Europe resorted to wearing trash bags, as have their counterparts in the US.

The coronavirus has hit New York City especially hard. The city has brought in nurses from around the country to alleviate the burden on overwhelmed staffs. Earlier this week, an inspiring photo from inside the cabin of a plane carrying tens of nurses to New York City went viral.

Healthcare workers around the world have risen to the challenge despite the risky prospect of catching the virus and spreading it to their loved ones. Several cities around the world have taken up coordinated acts to celebrate healthcare workers while observing social distancing measures, such as singing and banging pots and pans from their balconies and front stoops.