Dr. Anthony Fauci Tells Steph Curry When We Can Expect Sports to Return


Thursday was supposed to be Opening Day in MLB and the Sweet 16 in the NCAA Tournament, instead it marked two weeks without sports amid the coronavirus pandemic.

When sports will return, nobody quite knows, but one man who may have the best idea is Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease and part of the White House’s coronavirus task force.

Fauci joined Golden State Warriors All-Star Steph Curry on Instagram Live Thursday for a Q&A in which Curry asked a number of questions relating to the COVID-19 pandemic, but perhaps the one everyone wants to know — when can we return to normal and watch sports again?

“What you need is you need to see the trajectory of the curve to start to come down,” he said. “We’ve seen that in China, they’ve gone up and down, they’re starting to get back to normal life. They gotta be careful they don’t reintroduce the virus into China, but they’re on the other end of the curve. Korea is doing that —they’re starting to come back down. Europe, particularly Italy, is in a terrible situation. They’re starting to go back up. \\

“The United States is a big country, we have so many different regions – New York City is having a terrible time but there are places in the country that are doing quite well … in New York City, it’s doing mitigation, trying to prevent best you can the spread. So the direct answer to your question: we can start thinking about getting to some degree of normality when the country as a whole has turned that corner and start coming down. Then you can pinpoint cases much more easily than getting overwhelmed by cases, which is what’s going on in New York City.”

Fauci, who was captain of his high school basketball team growing up in New York City, answered several more questions from Curry during the Instagram Live, and former President Barack Obama even appeared in the comment section offering his advice.

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