J.R. Smith wants to know how NBA has better testing protocols than Congress


An unlikely White House coronavirus critic emerged on Monday in Los Angeles Lakers guard J.R. Smith.

Smith, whose social media posts normally generate different kinds of headlines, took to Twitter to express his disbelief that the politicians who are elected to lead this country do not have as strict protocols for coronavirus testing as professional athletes.

Smith has been subjected to COVID tests every day since arriving in the Orlando bubble in July along with the rest of the NBA. While the size of the bubble has dwindled during the course of the playoffs, the NBA has not produced a single positive test among players since players quarantined after arriving in the bubble.

Politicians are not in the bubble, and many are at an age where they are at higher risk for complications and still do not undergo the rigorous testing and protocols that professional athletes have undergone.

Now, an outbreak has taken place within the White House and Capitol Hill – which includes President Donald Trump and several others from advisers to senators to White House reporters.

One reporter saw Smith’s tweet and pointed to the fact that sports have played a leading role in taking precautions against the coronavirus, rather than our government, and Smith took notice of that, too.

Smith even got in a little bit of trouble with the NBA, at least according to himself, during the two-week quarantine period when players were not allowed to leave their hotel room or even order outside food to their room.

The Lakers guard documented what quarantine life was like on his Instagram Live – griping about the food and blankets that were given to them, as well as the high-tech bracelet they had to wear which tracked their temperature, respiratory and heart rate.

Smith called back to those early days of quarantining in another tweet in which he pointed to the double standard that he had to endure while White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany – who tested positive on Monday – continued to hold press conferences despite coming into close contact with those who tested positive.

While Smith is not typically one to raise these kinds of issues publicly, his point stands.

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