NBA Analyst Says He Received 'Crazy DMs' About His 'Dead Parents' After Michael Jordan Post


Former NBA player Channing Frye says he was taunted with cruel messages over the death of his parents by angry supporters of Michael Jordan.

Frye, a 13-year veteran and now a basketball analyst with Turner Sports, offered up a notably less enthusiastic take on Jordan's chances of excelling in the modern NBA.

"I’m not a Jordan “guy,'" Frye said on social media on Friday night. "I feel like shooting post up mods range twos wouldn’t translate in today’s game. People got hot, luckily I HAVE time to give attention to triggered fans. Lol"

The lukewarm endorsement was a bridge too far for some apparently overzealous elements in Jordan's fan base, and by Monday night the discourse had gone well beyond healthy debate.

"Twitter, sending me crazy DMs about my dead parents over a Jordan take comes from a different place of hate outside of sports."

Frye's parents passed away only weeks apart in late 2016, prompting him to step away from his team at the time, the Cleveland Cavaliers. His mother, Karen, died of cancer in October that year, while his father, Thomas, died only weeks later on Thanksgiving due to an enlarged heart -- the same condition that sidelined Channing for the 2012-13 campaign.

Jordanmania has returned with a vengeance amid weekly airings of the hit ESPN documentary "The Last Dance."

Nostalgia for Jordan and the 1990s decade that he dominated -- a time that feels more like a century ago than 20 years -- proved irresistable to fans starved of both sports and the sense of a shared experience.

Unfortunately, there appears to be an ugly side to it as well.