Mike Francesa Takes on Knicks, James Dolan in Epic Rant


Mike Francesa did not hold back in his latest criticism of the Knicks.

The RADIO.COM Sports host lambasted the team on his WFAN show on Wednesday over the latest debacle involving Knicks’ branding consultant Steve Stoute, who said that the team planned to move on from interim head coach Mike Miller following the season.

The Knicks released a statement condemning Stoute’s comments, explaining that he does not speak on behalf of the team, but the damage was already done.

“How much more of a laughingstock can this franchise become?” Francesa said. “I mean, how can you have someone come out and act like he’s going to run the franchise? Who decided, who gave this guy in any way put a thought in his head that he could come out and make the kind of statements he made about the franchise. To the point, where he basically fired the head coach. On national television.”

Francesa’s criticism did not end there. He also targeted owner James Dolan, who continues to face scrutiny over how the team is run.

“You can go bully some kid because he says you should sell the team,” Francesa said, referring to a young fan who was escorted out of a recent game by security. “But that’s your answer to [Stoute]? When he embarrasses your organization from coast-to-coast on national television.”

Francesa said that Dolan needed to go further in his discipline in Stoute.

“If I was Dolan, I would have fired this guy. I would have ripped his contract and told him to hit the street so fast he wouldn’t know hit him,” Francesa said. “Where was the famous Dolan temper there? He should have been the first guy to go. You, let this guy [stay], this guy clearly speaking out of school.”

The Knicks enter the All-Star break at 17-38, but are 13-20 under Miller and have shown signs of improvement. Yet, Stoute said in his interview that there will be “a new coach and new coaches that are going to help develop these younger guys.

“You want a guy around that’s going to make those kind of statements?” Francesa continued. “Who thinks, he first of all tells you how important he is to the franchise? How much worse can it get? How much more dysfunctional can it get? How much more embarrassing can it get?"

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