NBA, Players Planning for Possibility of Cancelled Regular Season: Report


The NBA and the players union are reportedly in talks regarding the withholding of players' salaries in the event the balance of the regular season is cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The league and the NBPA have discussed scenarios in which players would forfeit one percent of salary for each cancelled game, which would be around 25 percent for most players, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN.

The salary stipulation is baked into the league's collective bargaining agreement, the report said, and kicks in automatically upon the cancellation of games. It could be triggered by one of several catastrophic events, according to Woj, including pandemics and epidemics.

The league is hopeful of resuming its regular season and has no plan to cancel the season anytime soon, the report said. It has continued to map out several options for resuming the regular season based on different time tables, as well as the possibility of cancelling the remainder of the regular season and picking up with the playoffs.

The NBA season has been on pause since March 11, and with the pandemic seemingly worsening by the day, there's little end in sight to the hiatus. Longtime NBA coach and analyst Jeff Van Gundy has suggested on several occasions it will be difficult for the season to resume. Earlier on Tuesday, Wojnarowski appeared on The Boardroom and mentioned the possibility of the regular season being cancelled while discussing the likely postponement of the upcoming NBA Draft.