Pistons Great Rip Hamilton Lists $8.9 Million Waterfront Florida Mansion


$8.9 million dollars for a house is a hefty sum of money, but for Rip Hamilton's massive waterfront mansion, it's certainly not a rip-off.

That's because, according to Claudine Zap of Realtor.com, this 10,539-square-foot paradise has a ton of sick amenities. And Hamilton, who bought the house for $4.25 million six years back, figures to make a pretty penny from the sale.

But even though Hamilton will leave the house, his legacy will still be a part of the house. That's because the basketball court in the backyard holds a "RIP" decal near the sideline at half court, while both a UConn Huskies logo and a Detroit Pistons logo are printed under each basket. This custom basketball court is just one of the many awesome features, including but not limited to:

- Eight bedrooms
- 11 bathrooms
- An indoor sports court, in case you don't want to ruin your indoor basketball on the outdoor court.
- A dazzlingly white foyer with a Chihuly glass chandelier
- An expansive living room featuring seating around a fireplace.
- Two huge interior bars -- one in the dining room, and one in the game room, where there is a pool table and card table.
- Two offices -- one "executive office," and one in the two-bath, two-closet master suite.

And that's just on the interior. When you get outside, you'll be greeted by an infinity-edge pool and hot tub, with a nearby white glass bar situated under a gazebo that can light up for any get-togethers at night. And if you happen to get invited to this majestic palace for a night, you'll be able to spend time in the guesthouse, where there is a theater, a game room, a practice court and a guest suite. Sound lavish enough, yet?

There's also the dock, spanning 171 feet along the waterfront and featuring two boat lifts, which must have come in handy for Hamilton, who enjoys a day out on the water with friends and family.

Among the things that won't be left behind are his massive shoe collection and his shelf full of well-deserved hardware.

If you look closely, you can see an indoor basketball court in the reflection of the trophy, which may very well be the court that's part of his Fort Lauderdale home. And it could be your Fort Lauderdale home, too, so long as you have $8.9 million to spare.

Hamilton's estimated career earnings are just a smidge under $110 million, made predominantly during his nine-year stint with the Pistons, though he did spend time with both the Wizards and the Bulls (via Spotrac). The three-time All-Star averaged 17.1 points per game throughout his steady career, though he boosted his performance to 20.6 points per game throughout the many Pistons' playoff appearances.

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