Photo shows Delonte West struggling as former NBA coaches, teammates reportedly offer help


Delonte West’s post-basketball career struggles are raising concerns for those around the NBA who know him well.

Doc Rivers, Jameer Nelson as well as the NBA Players Association have been trying for months to get the 37-year-old former point guard help, according to TMZ Sports.

Despite those efforts, West appears to still be struggling. A photo recently surfaced that appears to show him panhandling for money on the street in Dallas.

West, a former 24th overall pick out of St. Joseph’s, spent eight seasons in the NBA with the SuperSonics, Mavericks, Cavaliers and Celtics, and last played in the league in 2011-12.

Since then, there have been several instances of West appearing to have difficulty adjusting to life outside of basketball.

In 2016, a fan posted a photo of himself with West outside a Jack In The Box where West did not look well. When the fan asked if he was indeed the former NBA player, West replied, “I’m not about that life anymore.”

Earlier this year, West was captured on video in a street fight.

Whatever West is experiencing, it seems clear there are people trying to help. Hopefully, someone can reach through to him before things deteriorate further.

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