Warriors Coach Steve Kerr Says Team is 'Absolutely in Offseason Mode'


It probably wasn't out of place for Warriors fans to be begging for the 2019-20 season to be over. The struggling team was 15-50 when the season came to an end, experiencing their first losing season since their 2011-12 campaign. In fact, the team was on pace to record its first non-first place division finish since 2014-15, and were instead in dead last.

We're definitely not going to say that Warriors fans got their wish of a season ending, as no one could have wished for an outcome like this, but in any event, it's looking more and more like the coronavirus pandemic could ultimately force the 2019-20 NBA season to come to a premature end. And Warriors head coach Steve Kerr is already on that wavelength.

According to Nick Friedell of ESPN, Kerr shared that the team "isn't concerned about a possible resumption" due to their record, and it makes sense that Kerr would care less about how his last-place team finishes a last-place season as opposed to what they do to rebound beyond this lost year. He says that the entire coaching staff has been evaluating the rest of the team's offseason plans, making 2020-21 the focal point of their concerns at the moment.

What this doesn't necessarily say is that Kerr is expecting the season come to an end, and he acknowledged that no one has come to that conclusion.

"It's different for us because we were down to 17 games, but we were out of the playoffs," Kerr said. "It feels like the end of the season for our team. It just does. We don't know anything officially."

He added that while the league very well could ask them to return to action, but at this point, Kerr and the Warriors are ready to move on beyond this forgettable season. Given the injuries of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson -- and to a lesser extent, of Draymond Green -- paired with the departures of Kevin Durant and D'Angelo Russell, it makes sense that the Warriors suffered a down year.

Guys like Eric Paschall (14.0 ppg) and Damion Lee (12.7 ppg) went from no-name NBA talents to the leaders of this ragtag team that became further depleted after role players Alec Burks and Glenn Robinson were shipped to Philly. Andrew Wiggins, long considered a detriment to the success of the Timberwolves, became the new "star" of the franchise for the remainder of the season before it was canceled. Curry played in one game late in the season after being re-activated from an injury and competed in five games total.

What can we expect from Kerr and the Warriors in the offseason? The coach says that the time off "has been very 'productive' for the staff on a lot of levels' and the team will likely have a top pick in the draft to add to their core of veterans. The Warriors should have a rebound season in store for 2020-21, and they'll need it given the talent throughout the Western conference, as there were seven teams with at least 40 wins at the time of the league suspension.

You can be sure that the Lakers and Bucks organizations, among other teams, are in the exact opposite mindset as Kerr, with NBA titles in their sights. The Lakers are proactively working with state officials to get back in the gym, according to ESPN, and get back on track should the season resume. Other teams, like the struggling Atlanta Hawks, are going with a wait-and-see approach, declining the option to re-open their practice facility despite a relaxation of stay-at-home mandates in the state of Georgia.

As of a couple of weeks ago, Mavericks owner Mark Cuban says that he still has no idea when the NBA could return after his conference call with President Trump (video at top of page).

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