Warriors' Steph Curry Pranks Best Friend with Fake New 'Car'

Steph Curry can be quite the prankster.

The Golden State Warriors guard invited his friend, COSeezy, over his house on his Youtube series, “Life, Lived,” to show his friend the new “concept car” that Curry designed and deemed "The Future of Luxury."

Except Curry did not design the car, nor is it even a real car, but COSeezy did not know that. When Curry pulled the tarp off the car, COSeezy’s reaction was a bit strained to say the least.

“Whoa. Yo. So, uh, this the future right here,” he said as he gazed upon the three-wheeled car that resembled a more futuristic golf cart.

As Curry is explaining all the features of the car, such as the “blunt nose” and “HOV possibilities,” he cuts the cameras and pulls his friend to the side and asked him for a bigger reaction.

They re-shoot the reveal again with COSeezy much more excited about it. When Curry opens the door, he reveals that the car is a one-seater.

Curry and his film crew continue to cut and re-shoot again with each reaction bigger than the last until COSeezy appears to be absolutely in love with the car.

At the end of the shoot, two men from Infiniti approach COSeezy and ask him to be a brand ambassador for the car and drive it around San Francisco.

“What? Oh, hell yeah,” he said, without any hesitation. “Stop playing man. This right here?”

After some more fawning over the car, Curry and the camera crew decide to “cut filming” when the NBA All-Star asks for the keys back.

“I’m going to have to take those back. You know why?” Curry asked. “We got you, bro.”

“What you mean?” COSeezy responded as Curry ran away laughing.

There was, however, a real concept design car that Curry eventually showed his friend that was much better and elicited a more genuine reaction.