College Basketball Insider Says It's 'Commonplace' For Top Players To Be Paid

By , RADIO.COM Sports

The University of Kansas learned earlier this week that the NCAA believes it has committed "significant violations" in it's men's basketball program, rising all the way to head coach Bill Self, who is facing a responsibility charge.

Wednesday, Yahoo! Sports college basketball insider Pat Forde joined Ross Tucker and Dave Briggs on "Home & Home." Briggs asked Forde if NCAA rules violations are rampant within all prominent college programs. Forde didn't mince words.

"Most of the high-powered places, yeah," Forde said. "Who do you think Kansas is competing with to get those players? The best players are not going to these college programs for free - or for room and board and books."

"I think if you look - and I'm just going to ballpark it here - at the top 30 players, probably 20-25 of them have some sort of deal going on...have an agent already...have an agreement with a financial advisor...whatever the case may be. So yeah, this is common place."

If you struggle to sift through each and every NCAA scandal - such as the Addias corruption case case that was connected to Kansas - you aren't alone.

"Here's one of the big common misconceptions is 'Well, you're going after Kansas, but you've let the Nike schools like Auburn and Arizona and LSU go.' No, those cases are ongoing. This stuff happens slowly, and this stuff happens under the radar. But, I know for a fact that there is an ongoing case at Arizona, there is an ongoing case at Auburn, there is an ongoing case at LSU. The NCAA is working on it. One of the NCAA's problems is they don't communicate with anyone. And I've had this discussion with people in Indianapolis - if people knew that there were ongoing investigations at least, people would think 'OK, they're doing their job.'"

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