LSU gets rid of CDC wellness checks at football games to reduce lines, wait times


Over 20,000 fans attended LSU's season opener against Mississippi State -- a surprising loss -- but that only filled up around 21% of the capacity of Tiger Stadium. Still, with COVID-19 a major and legitimate concern, precautionary measures were taken to make the gameday experience as safe as possible.

Precautionary measures were taken, but not all of them will be taken going forward.

No, this isn't to say that the stadium can be packed to full capacity again, with no mask requirement and no coronavirus-related rules guiding the way in which fans need to behave and the stadium needs to operate. However, one key part of the process to monitor fans who enter the game is no longer required.

According to a release from the official website of LSU athletics, the CDC medical wellness check -- one that was required upon entry -- is out. The reason: to reduce lines and wait times at the gates.

The statement details that masks are still required all over the stadium, including in lines for concessions and bathrooms, as well as in seating areas (the latter of which was an area where many fans removed their masks). And though the CDC wellness checks will no longer be an active part of the precautionary process, the school is still encouraging fans to conduct a self-assessment before going to a game, though again, it's not required.

Among the other headlining changes to the 2020 gameday experience is that alcohol sales are back in the mix.

These changes will go into effect for the first time when the No. 17 LSU Tigers host the Mizzou Tigers on Saturday, October 10.

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