Ohio State Puts Workouts On Hold After Most Recent Coronavirus Test Results: Report


While Ohio State University is not one of the schools that has been publicly releasing statistics regarding coronavirus testing of the student body, a recent decision by the school may be an indication of how the latest batch of tests came out.

The university released a statement on Wednesday saying that the athletic department has decided to put a hold on all voluntary workouts, a decision that will affect seven different Buckeyes teams (via Detroit Free Press). The football team, one of the top programs in the nation, is one of the sports, along with men's and women's soccer, men's and women's basketball, field hockey and volleyball.

As has been the suggestion of health experts nationwide, the statement also dictates that students who test positive will self-isolate for at least two weeks and will receive daily checkups.

Though no sports have been suspended or postponed indefinitely at Ohio State or within the Big 10 conference, another Division I conference became the first to suspend football for the fall. The Ivy League announced this decision on Wednesday, and though it shouldn't be seen as a definite sign of things to come for all of college sports, it could certainly be an influential decision.

Finances may come into the decision-making process of other conferences, as noted by NCAA insider Brett McMurphy.

According to Forbes' top 25 list of the most valuable college football teams entering 2019, Ohio State's program's revenue was fifth in the nation with over $130 million average revenue over a three-year span, behind only Michigan in the Big 10. The Buckeyes also made the most money from ticket sales in the nation on the list, with $54 million in average annual ticket revenue.

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