WATCH: Drew Brees Gives Incredible Pump-Up Speech to Purdue Before Win


Drew Brees knows how to fire up a locker room.

The New Orleans Saints are on their bye week, so Brees took the weekend to stop by his alma mater Purdue and deliver a speech to the team before their game against Nebraska.

And Brees, who has a reputation for firing up his players before they take the field, certainly lived up to that when talking to Purdue on Saturday.

The 39-year-old quarterback began addressing the team about his time in college, and why it is so important to him before getting into what it takes to build a winning streak — something Purdue could use heading into Saturday injury-depleted at 3-5 and losers of their last two.

“A streak, a run has to start with one day. One game,” he said. “Every season is full of defining moments. You never know when those defining moments will happen. Why not today? Why can’t today be one of those defining moments? And it’s going to take everybody. You don’t know what play it’s going to be or what circumstance throughout the course of that game. But today can be a defining moment for you, this team for this season for you and the way it will carry you on for the rest of your career here and beyond.”

That’s when Brees began singling out each positional group and telling them what they have to do and why they are important to the team.
Writing out his words won’t do it justice, so give it a watch for yourself:

The Boilermakers seemed to take Brees’ words to heart. Quarterback Jack Plummer went down with an ankle injury late in the game, but it did not stop Purdue from executing a 12-play, 82-yard drive late in the fourth quarter to lead the team to a 31-27 victory over the Cornhuskers.

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