Washington State Coach Mike Leach Calls Players 'Fat, Dumb and Happy' After Loss


Mike Leach was not holding back on how he really felt about his team’s most recent performance.

After Washington State was routed in a 38-13 loss to No. 19 Utah on Saturday night, Leach eviscerated his team as “fat, dumb, happy and entitled.”

“We’re a very soft team,” he said. “We get a lot of good press. We like to read it a lot. We like to pat ourselves on the back, and if we get any resistance, we fold. And if we get any resistance, we fold. And what’s amazing about this is that most of these guys were on the same team last year that was a tough team. Last year’s team was a tough team for us. And we got nearly the same guys. All of the sudden they’re not tough. They’re fat, dumb and happy and entitled.”

This was the second consecutive conference game Washington State lost, falling to 0-2 in the Pac-12 and 3-2 overall.

Last week, Washington State blew a 32-point lead to UCLA in a 67-63 loss. On Saturday, the Cougars entered their matchup with Utah as the No. 1 passing team in the nation, but threw for just 252 passing yards and had 313 total yards of offense.

They also allowed 526 yards on defense.

“We weren’t even close,” Leach said. “I think that at some point they have to embrace the effort themselves.”

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