Aaron Donald blames slump on refs missing 'blatant' calls


One of the NFL's best defensive players it taking aim at the league's referees.

Rams star tackle Aaron Donald has gone two games without a tackle or sack -- an apparently novel experience for the 29-year-old Pitt product, who said he's never had a run like this before at any level of football.

But according to the All-Pro, the mini-draught isn't necessarily the result of anything he's doing wrong.

"At the end of the day I don't think I'm playing bad football," Donald told reporters on Wednesday, according to ESPN. "I feel like I'm disruptive, I'm still almost making plays, getting quarterbacks to get the ball off last minute, whatever the case may be. Guys around me making plays, too, so it's not nothing that I'm mad about."

Asked whether officials had been missing holding penalties committed by opposing offensive lines, Donald didn't hold back.

"In my opinion, they hold every play," Donald said, citing the Rams' narrow win over the Buccaneers on Monday Night Football in Week 11. "There was some blatant holds that we didn't get the call for."

Specifically, Donald said a third-quarter incomplete pass by Bucs QB Tom Brady should have been ruled a sack and a fumble for Rams end Morgan Fox, Donald said. Donald also claimed he was held on the play.

"I feel like Fox got the ball out, so that should have been a sack anyway, and if it wasn't, it should have been a holding call and a safety because he held me in the end zone," Donald said. "So I thought was going to get the flag, I looked around, there was a lot of chaos, didn't, but it is what it is, so just got to keep playing ball."

Donald has faced the most double-team blocks of any defender this season, according to ESPN, while holding calls are at a 20-year low in an apparent bid to favor offenses.

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