Aaron Hernandez Netflix Producer: 'All He Had to Do Was Not Kill Somebody'


The Aaron Hernandez murder case has been brought back into the limelight over the last week after Netflix released “Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez.”

The documentary has reignited the conversation about the life of the late New England Patriots tight end and the decisions he made that led him down the road to committing murder.

Executive producer Kevin Armstrong, who covered the Hernandez murder trials for the New York Daily News, joined RADIO.COM Sports’ “Home & Home” podcast on Tuesday for further discussion of Hernandez and how his life ultimately unraveled.

“I knew Aaron Hernandez as the singular talent, in terms of as a reporter,” Armstrong said. “When we saw the case, and covering both of the trials, there was so much more to explore: Family dynamics, what led to someone having a $40 million contract throw it all away? Literally, all he had to do in life was not kill somebody. He wound up being accused of three murders.”

The documentary explores how Hernandez, who took his own life in prison while serving a life sentence for the murder of Odin Lloyd, hid that he was bisexual and that the death of his father, Dennis Hernandez, led him down a questionable path as a junior and senior in college and carried over to his days in Florida that shaped the decisions he would later make.

“Clearly, Aaron had multiple decisions to make in his life,” Armstrong said. “And he chose the wrong one a lot.”

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