Aaron Rodgers Details Narrow Exit From Peru Before Coronavirus Shutdown


Green Bay Packers star quarterback Aaron Rodgers says he was nearly trapped abroad during the early days of the coronavirus shutdown in mid-March.

Appearing on a radio show on Friday, Rodgers said he and his party of three others boarded one of the last flights out of Peru about 10 days ago, before flights were at risk of being suspended at the local airport nearest to the remote location where they were staying.

“When we rolled up to the airport at like 7 in the morning," Rodgers said on the Pat McAfee Show, "It was wall-to-wall people, and you couldn’t move. I was thinking, ‘This isn’t very safe.' Not many masks on, and there was definitely a panic in the air,” he said.

“But somehow we made it down, and then they shut the airport down because it was really bad weather. They had a drop-dead time where they were going to shut the entire airport down. We made it by about 15 minutes.”

The two-time All-Pro compared the frenzied scene to a hit movie.

"Have you seen the movie Argo? The scene at the end where they're racing to the airport. Nobody was chasing us, thankfully, or holding us. ... There were some moments where we worried we were not going to get out. It was absolute pandemonium at the airport."

The Peruvian government didn't shut its border until March 21, so Rodgers probably would have made it back home even if he'd missed his flight.

Rodgers added he's been self-isolating since returning to his California home with retired NASCAR driver Danica Patrick, his girlfriend, but claimed the area he visited in Cusco, Peru, did not have any reported cases of coronavirus.

American freelance journalist Dylan Baddour detailed his experience after getting stranded in Peru due to its shutdown.

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