Andy Reid Has Helped Double Tommy Bahama's Chiefs Merchandise Sales


Every qualifying player for the Chiefs made $62,000 for playing in the Super Bowl last year after raking in a combined $87,000 for playing in the divisional game and in the AFC Championship, per the NFL's Collective Bargaining Agreement. Winning the Super Bowl doubled that $62,000 figure, again for every player. A Super Bowl victory also probably generates a lot of money for the city, itself, be it through celebratory dinners at expensive restaurants, jersey and team merchandise sales exploding, or alcohol sales to help prepare fans for that riotous tailgate, watch party and parade.

In sum, Andy Reid's brilliant coaching helped the Chiefs organization and Kansas City, as a whole, to make a lot more money than it would have had the team not had the success that it experienced. But another unsuspecting company was the beneficiary of Andy Reid's success and lovable personality.

In an interview with Jeff Fedotin of Forbes, Tommy Bahama CEO Doug Wood commented on Reid's impact for the summer clothing brand, detailing that the sales of Tommy Bahama's Chiefs merchandise has more than doubled in the last two years.

"It's really been an amazing thing for us," Wood said. "He just kind of took over as one of our spokespeople without us knowing he was the spokesperson."

Wood says that there are "no strings attached" in their friendly relationship with the future Hall of Fame head coach, adding that Reid happens to like the product and that they're more than happy to send him five or six free shirts per year to keep his collection fresh.

"We try to keep him as current as possible, because whatever he's wearing people want to buy," Wood said. Perhaps the below image inspired them to keep his shirts a tad flashier.

However, the company does not feature Andy Reid in any of their catalogs or ads, nor have they considered it, according to Fetodin. I guess they left that for GQ, the widely known men's fashion magazine, which featured Reid in their daily "Big Fit of the Day" series.

"This photograph of Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid in a Chiefs-themed Hawaiian shirt -- his signature -- is breathtaking," reads the description. "The man is single-handedly keeping Tommy Bahama in business."

Though Tommy Bahama has NFL and MLB licenses, they don't get the same success from other markets, according to Fedotin. A guy like Bill Belichick just doesn't exude cheery, summer, tropical weather, now does he? Maybe Wood should consider coming out with a "tropical storm" line of shirts -- or better yet, hoodies -- as those might suit him better.

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