Fans angry after apparent Tom Brady end zone fumble saved by controversial call


It's an inevitably of football: Tom Brady might get some calls that other quarterbacks don't. It happens to the megastars in every sport, like it or not, and sometimes we have to deal with it. A LeBron James foul call, a pass interference that may or may not have hampered a star like DeAndre Hopkins' ability to catch a ball in the end zone... these things happen.

But it doesn't mean that when these plays occur we should just ignore them. And Twitter never ignores them, instead providing all the enraged and emphatic commentary that makes these occurrences worth talking about.

On Monday night's Week 11 contest between the Los Angeles Rams and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Brady's arm was hit in his own end zone as he was attempting to release a throw, though a referee's whistle (or multiple whistles) ruled the play dead as an incomplete pass.

This decision from the field crew alone bothered many fans.

But the real anger began once the replay review was studied and the outcome of the play was the same. Incomplete pass, no fumble, no nothing.

Fortunately for angry Los Angeles fans, the Rams were able to hold on to their lead after a back-and-forth affair marked by some poor Tom Brady throws. Still, a play of such importance being blown dead is obviously something to explore further. What do you think? Was it a fumble or was it a good call? Let us know on Twitter @RDCSports!

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