Peyton and Eli Manning's Nephew is Already Being Hyped as Better Than Them

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Arch Manning, the 14-year-old son of Peyton and Eli’s older brother, Cooper, is already making his mark at Isidore Newman High School in New Orleans.

So much so, that grandfather and Hall of Famer Archie hinted his ceiling may be higher than both of his uncles.

“He’s probably a little ahead of them as a freshman,” he told the Indianapolis Star-Tribune.

Arch is already starting at the varsity level — the first player to do so as a freshman in school history — while Peyton and Eli played junior varsity as freshman before starting on the varsity team as sophomores.

Arch, who measures in at 6-1 as a freshman, does not seem to be fazed by the challenge, either.

In a recent game on Sept. 17, he threw for 211 yards and three touchdowns, while rushing for another two touchdowns — a rare feat for a Manning quarterback.

Perhaps the agility comes from his father, Cooper, who was a wide receiver at Newman — catching passes from younger brother Peyton — and earned a scholarship to Ole Miss before a spinal condition forced him to quit football.

While Arch’s future looks promising, his grandfather makes sure he stays focused in the moment.

“Our theme is, ‘Let’s let Arch be a freshman,’” Archie said.

“(Arch is) playing good, he’s on a good team, they’re having a lot of success and having a lot of fun and that’s the way it should be,” Archie added. “That’s the one thing I always told my kids and I’ll tell Arch the day before a game. ‘Go have fun.’”

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