Bo Jackson claims he would average 350-400 yards per game in today's game


Bo Jackson was one of the most talented running backs to ever play, but the former Raiders great believes he would have dominated on a whole other level if he played in today’s game.

Jackson appeared on Deion Sanders’ podcast, “21st and Prime,” and criticized the way players tackle, adding that he would average 350-400 yards per game in the current environment.

“Nobody wrap up and tackle no more,” he said, per ProFootballTalk. “With me being a ball carrier, my coach taught us, number one, he said, ‘I know you can run, but I’m gonna teach you how to carry that football.’ He said, ‘that football is like your newborn baby, don’t ever put it on the ground. And keep it away from the enemy.’

“It’s like this – and I watch technique – I don’t see nobody hitting or wrapping up. Everybody’s running into each other and trying to use their shoulder pads to knock the abll carrier down. And I’m like, if I played during this era, man, I’d be averaging 350-400 yards a game … because nobody wraps up anymore. They run into each other with their pads.”

Jackson, 57, averaged 5.4 yards per carry in his brief, four-year career with the Raiders before a hip injury ended his time in the NFL.

With the league becoming more pass-oriented, it is hard to imagine Jackson would even get enough carries to come anywhere near that mark, even if he is being hyperbolic.

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