Browns' Nick Chubb tortures fantasy owners and bettors by opting not to score easy TD


Nick Chubb sealed a 10-7 victory for the Cleveland Browns on Sunday with a 59-yard run with 1:07 remaining in the game, but those who bet on the Browns or had Chubb in their fantasy lineups were not quite celebrating.

The Browns running back, who had been out since Week 4 with an injury, had an easy touchdown score to give them a 17-7 instead he ran out of bounds at the 1-yard line.

While going up 17-7 would have given the Browns a two possession lead, Chubb appeared as if he wasn’t going to risk giving the Texans the ball back under any circumstances and went out of bounds so Cleveland can run down the clock and secure the victory.

Apparently, Baker Mayfield said after the game he told Chubb not to score. Just a few weeks ago Todd Gurley failed to stop at the 1-yard line and scored, allowing the Detroit Lions to comeback and beat the Atlanta Falcons, so perhaps that was on their minds.

Enter fantasy players and sports bettors.

Had Chubb scored a touchdown it would have been much to the delight of any fantasy football players who had Chubb on their team as rushing touchdowns are worth usually six points in most standard format leagues. Deciding not to score likely infuriated fantasy owners.

Yet, no one may have been more infuriated than those who wagered on the Browns point spread, which was anywhere between -3.5 and -4.5 points.

Regardless of which spread bettors may have chose, Chubb not scoring hurt each one as the Browns won by only three points and failing to cover.

Of course, this elicited a reaction on the game from those bettors and fantasy players on social media:

Of course, any time there is a bad beat there is always the other side – those who bet the Texans +3.5 or +4.5 and won their wagers thanks to Chubb.

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