Cam Newton Says Dolphins Players Tried to Snatch His Chain


FOXBOROUGH — Following the Patriots’ 21-11 win over the Dolphins Sunday, things got a little heated with tampers flaring on the field, specifically Cam Newton.

Speaking after the game video conference, Newton said some Dolphins were reaching for his chain and it got under his skin. The Patriots QB needed to be held back by several members of the team.

“It was a competitive game on both sides," he said. "You just have to realize who you’re talking to and just keep everything in the game. I realized I was talking to a person that is known for doing splits. That wasn’t characteristic of myself to keep going back-and-forth.

"But at the end of the day that’s football and for me, no matter who it is, I play with a competitive edge and I expect the other team to have a competitive edge as well and at the end of the day, anything outside of that is just all about respect. I don’t disrespect nobody and I wouldn’t want anybody to disrespect me, but yet at the end of the day we got the thing that was most valuable today and that’s the win.”

It appears Newton is referring to Miami's Christian Wilkins, who did a split after Clemson won its national championship.

Newton said he did not want what happened afterwards take away from the game and the team win.

“I don’t want nothing to be taken away from a great team game that we did have,” he said. “And I don’t want to be selfish to kind of focus and dwell on that. I think for us as a team, or me personally, a lot of tempers can flare. I was just teasing with coach, like, ‘That college park almost came out.’ Yet through it all it was just all fun and games and it was expected.”

There was also video of Newton grabbing his hamstring after what happened when he was pulled aside by Rex Burkhead.

"I'm great,” he said. “Everything is good. Trust.”

Here are some videos of what happened.