Cam Newton's father discusses son testing positive for COVID-19, how he's handling it


Cam Newton's father Cecil spoke out on his son testing positive for COVID-19 and how he's handling it during an interview with Bridget Condon of ABC 11.

Cecil said the positive test cam out of nowhere.

“He did [call me] — out of nowhere," he said. "I was just taken aback by the mere fact that he said he tested positive and we don’t know. I don’t know. I never asked him as to what could have possibly happened. And in today’s society, while it being a very serious virus, I didn’t take it for granted. I think he needed to do everything he needed to do to safeguard his health and well-being and his association with the team.

"I think over time, here soon, and him being asymptomatic, he is kind of working his way through it. You just never know where you can get it from. I am at home. I am in and out of businesses, facilities, you just don’t know. I do wear my mask. He said he’s been social distancing before that and after that. And so have I. Who knows where it comes from.”

Cecil said his son is asymtomatic and "roaring" to get back on the field.

“I was asking him about his immune system and how he feels whether it’s fever, chills, cough, headaches, that kind of stuff. He had none of the symptoms," he said. "I think he will be able to come back his way through it. If he can’t play, I am sure he’s roaring to go to play. [The Patriots] were close in the last game, Kansas City that is. I know it was kind of eating him to not be able to participate, but you can’t compromise the safety of the team and other associates by being selfish and saying, ‘I want to play and I can put somebody else at risk.’ We’ll be patient.”

With the Week 5 game against Denver being moved to Week 6, it appears Newton will be eligible to play, given he's cleared by a doctor.

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