Chad Henne explains what he was thinking on key 3rd and 4th down plays in Chiefs win


Patrick Mahomes summed it up best on Sunday after the game with a tweet: #HenneThingIsPossible.

Chad Henne certainly stepped up when the Chiefs needed him most, as his 13-yard run and fourth-and-inches pass to Tyreek Hill sealed a nail-biter Divisional Round playoff win over the Cleveland Browns and sent the Chiefs back to the AFC Championship Game for the third straight year.

The 35-year-old backup joined Kansas City Sports Radio 610’s “The Drive” on Monday afternoon to discuss what he said was “absolutely” the crowning achievement of his career – along with what was going through his mind when he took off on that crucial third-and-long.

“You just gotta rely on your training,” he said. “…In those situations, you look at the chains and just put your body out there. This team has given me so much, taken me a Super Bowl, I can put my body out there on the line for them.”

Henne admitted he thought he had the first down, but replays showed his elbow was down just short of the line. That’s when head coach Andy Reid shocked everyone and had Henne line up in the shotgun position and hike the ball for a passing play to Tyreek Hill on fourth-and-inches.

Yet, Henne said he was not surprised by Reid’s call in that situation.

“I think we’re very confident in those situations,” he said. “I think coach Reid expressed confidence in myself and our offense, but we’ve done that all year. I’m glad he didn’t change his mindset in that situation there. I felt very comfortable with the play call, felt really good about it and we all executed when the time needed to be.”

Asked which play he thought was the bigger one, Henne shrugged.

“I don’t know. Both are pretty big,” Henne said. “I think the run to get us in that situation to give us a chance was definitely good for us and good for our team. Both big plays a lot of guys stepped up … the offensive line … Tyreek on last play making a quick out route and easy throw for me.”

The fans’ appreciation for the backup did not go unnoticed once the game was over, either.

Henne said as he drove him, his neighborhood was lined with signs and people applauding.

“I come home last night, driving down my street my neighbors all had signs out, applauding,” he said. “True Midwest. The people are phenomenal.”

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