Chad Johnson Teams Up with RADIO.COM Sports for Exclusive Video Content

Johnson is on the ground in Miami living it up before the big game.

Chad Johnson, the six-time NFL Pro Bowl wide receiver and larger-than-life personality, has teamed up with RADIO.COM Sports to be the face of video down in his hometown of Miami before the big game.

Getting away from the radio row scrum in favor of South Beach, Chad creates fun, original content built for all fans—from the most die-hard to the most casual. The first exclusive videos will start dropping on RADIO.COM the morning of Friday, January 30, and will run through the weekend.

Chad will crash a local fashion boutique to find the perfect look, give his tips for looking like a star, and put NFL players’ past outfit choices to the ultimate test.

Then he will invade the streets of Miami to surprise unsuspecting fans, put haters on the spot, quiz locals, and honor his colorful playing style by even judging a touchdown celebration competition with honest reviews.

Last but not least, RADIO.COM Sports will go deeper into Johnson’s brain for various :85 with 85 segments built around rapid-fire questions and personalized storytelling.

First up, Chad talks about playing with Tom Brady, and says he knows where Brady is playing in 2020 (hint: it's NOT the Patriots).


No one tells it like it is like Chad, and he brings NFL fans the unfiltered, unchained persona only he can bring to the biggest sports event of the year.

You can catch all the latest Chad content on 1/31 and 2/1 on RADIO.COM, in the RADIO.COM app, and by adding the RADIO.COM Sports social accounts below!

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