Chiefs' gutsy fourth-and-inches call sends Romo, Mahomes and social media into frenzy


Raise your hand if you had Chad Henne as your hero for Sunday’s Chiefs-Browns Divsional Round playoff game. Yep, didn’t think so.

The Chiefs backup quarterback had to step into the spotlight after Patrick Mahomes left the game with a likely concussion and came through in the clutch when Kansas City needed it most.

With two minutes left and the Chiefs facing a third-and-long, Henne rushed for 13 yards with what appeared to be a game-sealing play, but the ball was spotted inches short of the first down.

Chiefs head coach Andy Reid sent the team back onto the field with the clock ticking, with what everyone assumed was a ploy to try and draw the Browns offsides.

Instead, Henne hiked the ball and telegraphed a short pass to Tyreek Hill to secure the first down and a trip to the AFC Championship game.

The play left everyone stunned, including CBS color commentator Tony Romo, who is a natural at predicting plays before they happen. But even Romo did not see this one coming and he was absolutely floored by Reid’s gutsy play-calling to put such faith in his backup quarterback.

In addition to Romo, the play-call from Reid and execution from Henne put everyone (well, except Browns fans) in a frenzy, with Mahomes and the rest of NFL Twitter ecstatic about the play-call that punched the Chiefs ticket to the AFC Championship Game.

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