FS1’s Colin Cowherd delivers cringeworthy take on Carson Wentz’s hat


Talk about some backwards logic.

While there is plenty to criticize Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz for over the first two weeks of the season, FS1’s Colin Cowherd found the problem nobody was looking for: Wentz’s hat.

The Eagles quarterback did the unthinkable, in Cowherd’s eyes, and wore his hat backwards during a Zoom press conference with reporters. It was such a damning mistake that Cowherd brought out his own Eagles hat to demonstrate the difference between what a forward-wearing Wentz is like compared to a backwards hat-wearing Wentz.

Cowherd used the example of Wentz meeting with advertisers and suiteholders (which, for the record, he was not doing while wearing the hat. It was a Zoom call with reporters after a practice) where Wentz is cordial and polite.

“Hi, I’m Carson Wentz it’s nice to meet you sir,” Cowherd said. “Oh, Bank of America CEO. My name is Carson Wentz, pleasure to meet you.”

But with the hat backwards, Cowherd believes Wentz suddenly turns into a boozehound Looney Tunes character.

“Hey me and the boys had beers last week. I’m a quarterback. What do we got here, Bank of America? I’ve never been to a bank,” Cowherd said in a ridiculously poor, cartoonish voice.

“You’re telling me there’s not a difference between this look as a franchise quarterback and this look?” Cowherd concluded in his normal voice.

Of course, it’s Cowherd’s job to be a troll and provocateur, and he’s used similar tactics with other athletes – particularly his beef with Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield.

Perhaps Wentz is his new punching bag now, though.

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