Dan Orlovsky explains why Tom Brady is the best QB in the NFL right now


There is no question Tom Brady has put together a career that qualifies him as the G.O.A.T. in the NFL, but is he the best of the best in the NFL right this very second?

Former NFL quarterback Dan Orlovsky says yes.

With Brady leading the Tampa Bay Bucs to a 5-2 start and atop the NFC South, Orlovsky made the claim on ESPN’s “Get Up” Monday that Brady is the best quarterback in the NFL – if he gets the right protection.

“Tom Brady is literally carving defenses up at 43 years old,” Orlovsky said. “The most underrated part of a football team is the offensive line, and here’s the thing: If they protect them, which they have, he’s the best quarterback in football. That’s still the case for Tom Brady.”

Orlovsky’s take means he is putting Brady ahead of the likes of Patrick Mahomes, Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers – all of whom could also probably stake a claim in that title and putting up big numbers this season.

Orlovsky did qualify his take with credit to Brady's offensive line protectimg him, still he elaborated his rationale.

“Here’s the thing — there’s not a throw in a situation he cannot make. There’s not a defense he has not seen. There’s a couple times where he sees pressure coming and he changes the protection and absolutely guts the defense," he said. "This is the most talented receiving corp he’s had in 10 years. If you protect Tom Brady, he is still the best quarterback in football.”

It is certainly a bold take, to say the least, but it is not as if Brady is serving as a game manager in Tampa. He is second in the NFL with 18 touchdown passes, trailing just Wilson, and has just four interceptions. He has thrown for 1,910 yards in seven games – which ranks seventh and actually ahead of Mahomes and Wilson.

While impressive, does that really make him the best in the league?

“I know no one wants to hear it, and I know that sounds a lot with Russell and Patrick Mahomes,” Orlovsky added. “I get all that. But he has seen more than those guys have seen and he has executed better than they have.”

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