Eagles' Jason Kelce Calls Out Refs for Possibly Having a 'Quota' on Penalties


Tom Brady now has an ally in publicly speaking out against the referees.

Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce was the latest player to take a jab at the officiating, criticizing referees for having a “quota” of penalties to call during an appearance Thursday on WIP that was simulcast on RADIO.COM's "Home & Home" show.

"The officials make their offseason adjustments, get coached up from the league and what the league wants to be called more,” Kelce said. “It’s kinda like cops, with having a certain amount of tickets per month, you gotta meet your quota. Guys start reaching for things and just an excuse to call a penalty. And that’s not the way the game should happen. You want to keep the game safe, you wanna make sure referees do their job legitimately, but you don’t want them searching for reasons to make calls, looking for any chance possible to call holding, or block in the back,. You want it to be fair, want it to be reffed the proper way, and not just to prove a point.”

The Eagles were victims of an egregious missed call on Sunday, when Miles Sanders’ helmet was violently ripped off his head from the facemask while returning a kick in the second quarter of a 27-24 loss to the Detroit Lions.

While that particular instance was a no-call, many seem to think that the amount of penalties called has been excessive.

Brady voiced that sentiment in a tweet during last week’s Thursday Night Football game between the Jacksonville Jaguars and Tennessee Titans had six penalties in the first quarter.

The officiating has been under a close microscope through the first three weeks this season after last year’s NFC Championship Game ended in controversy when a defensive pass interference was not called.

The NFL has since made pass interference a reviewable call, but that may not be the end of the league’s officiating woes.