Eli Manning reportedly meets with John Mara, could have new role with Giants


Eli Manning could be coming back to the Giants.

No, the 40-year-old isn’t coming out of retirement. Nor does he want to be a coach.

According to Paul Schwartz of The New York Post, Manning recently visited the Giants practice facility and spoke with co-owner John Mara. Among the topics the two discussed included some sort of role for the former quarterback.

While nothing concrete was decided, it is possible Manning rejoins the Giants in some sort of ambassador role on the business side of things. There was no talk about any full-time role on the football side of things, but he could stay involved as a mentor for players.

Manning retired at the end of last season after a 16-year career that included two Super Bowl rings.

He has since spent his retirement joining Twitter and coaching his children’s basketball teams.

“My body feels great,” he told The Post. “I’m moving around, running around, young kids. I’ coaching three basketball leagues, for each kid, right now that’s the only way I can see them play. No parents are allowed but if you coach you can be around and see them play their games.

“I’m enjoying being around them, not having to travel around, not having a whole lot of responsibility.”

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