Fans furious as CBS experiences blackout in some markets for Browns-Chiefs playoff game


Some NFL fans experienced an untimely technical difficulty when tuning into the highly anticipated AFC Divisional Round playoff game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Cleveland Browns on Sunday.

With kickoff scheduled at 3:05 p.m. ET on CBS, fans tuned into the channel only to find themselves staring at a blank screen.

It is unclear which TV providers it was affecting, or what caused the outage, but fans on the East Coast -- particularly the New York City tri-state area -- appeared to be the ones most impacted by the literal blackout.

Based on fan reaction on Twitter, the blackout appeared to have continued for the entirety of the first drive of the game – which resulted in a 1-yard touchdown run for Patrick Mahomes to give the Chiefs an early 6-0 lead before restored. Others reported that they were without the game for about 20 minutes.

While cable users appeared to be most affected, those using stream services seemed fine.

Many on Twitter were, understandably, furious they could not watch the game until the issue was restored.

At least it did not appear to affect the actual markets involved in the game – Cleveland and Kansas City.

If so, the uproar likely would have been greater, especially in Cleveland, as the Browns were playing in their first Divisional Round game since 1994.

As for CBS, it is carrying the Super Bowl in three weeks, so hopefully there is no repeat of this situation.

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