Fantasy Football: Which Teams Are Projected to Score Most in Week 13?


Somewhat surprisingly, the Chiefs have not scored more than 30 points in a win since Week 4 in Detroit, but oddsmakers believe that will happen this week against the Raiders in Kansas City.

No team other than Patrick Mahomes and company is projected to score 30 or more points in Week 13, as those in Las Vegas are not projecting Jon Gruden’s defense to pose a threat.

Meanwhile, the Saints have now been projected to score 28 or more points for five consecutive weeks.

Sportsbooks can give us important insight for fantasy football, and maybe the most important takeaway is using betting lines to see which NFL teams oddsmakers have as the highest and lowest scoring teams in their projections each week.

By doing a little simple math with the over/unders and spreads of each game, you can calculate what the sportsbooks project each team to score in any given game.

In the fantasy industry, we call this an ‘implied team total’.

These can fluctuate a couple points in each direction every week as kickoffs approach, but for the most part, it gives a general idea, which teams and games offer the best chance for a lot of points.

A lot of points in real life means a lot of points in fantasy football too.

Use implied team totals as a general guide if you are debating between two players on your roster to start. Do not use them in lieu of fantasy rankings you trust, even if one player’s team is projected to score a lot of points and the other’s team not much.

Snaps and touches are still our primary concern in fantasy, but if the projections for a player are close, it might be worth taking a shot at the player who is in a game projected to be higher scoring, giving him better odds of scoring a touchdown.

Here are the implied team totals for Week 13 of the 2019 NFL season:

NFL Week 13 Implied Team Totals

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