RADIO.COM Sports Fantasy Football Show: Deep Sleepers to Draft

In the debut episode, Stephen Andress breaks down QB, RB and WR Sleepers.

Fantasy Football draft season is quickly approaching, and for many fantasy diehards, it has already begun.

RADIO.COM Sports is excited to launch a new RADIO.COM Sports Original focusing entirely on fantasy football advice and strategy.

Watch Episode 1 above for both sleepers and deep sleepers among QBs, RBs and WRs.

Sleepers in fantasy football have a different definition, depending on whom you ask. In this case, we're talking about players we believe are being drafted at least two rounds later than they should be. These are values that will outperform where they are being drafted in the average fantasy football league.

In Episode I, Stephen also identifies deep sleepers: players that are being drafted in double-digit rounds in 12-team leagues. In other words, these players are being selected outside the top 100 players.

At the quarterback position, your strategy should be simple. Wait and chase high-upside options. QB is the easiest position to replace in fantasy football. Therefore, it's not a big deal if you wind up drafting a bust. You will easily find solid options each week on the waiver wire based on match-ups that can produce top-10 fantasy QB numbers.

For running backs and wide receivers, it becomes a little tougher. We want RBs with a path to playing time in backfields without an established starter. For WRs, we are trying to pinpoint solid offenses who have a lot of vacated targets. In other words, teams with receivers who are no longer on the team, leaving more opportunity for a new player to emerge.

Host Stephen Andres is a Sports producer with years of experience in the fantasy football industry as a fantasy writer, host and producer.