Jabrill Peppers apologizes for, explains play that injured Washington QB Kyle Allen


It wasn’t intentional, Jabrill Peppers reiterated after the Giants 23-20 win over Washington.

The “it” in this case is the leg whip that caused Washington quarterback Kyle Allen to leave the game in the first quarter with what was later diagnosed as a dislocation and small fracture in his left leg, an injury that may threaten Allen’s season.

Peppers was flagged 15 yards for a personal foul on the play, which saw him upended by a cut block from Washington’s Antonio Gibson and end up with his legs whipping into Allen’s, bending the quarterback’s lower left leg unnaturally.

“Everything happened so fast; I tried to bull-rush the running back, but he just got under me a little bit,” Peppers said. “I tried to spin out of it, but I didn’t intentionally try to leg-whip him, I was just trying to play hard and get him on the ground.”

Peppers also said that he apologized to Allen.

“You never want that to happen. We all have a little pact in this league; guys have come from circumstances and worked hard to get here, so you never want to see a guy go down like that,” Peppers said. “I apologized to him, and I just pray for him. I definitely didn’t intend for that to happen; I’m just trying to play hard. I wish him a speedy recovery.”

Washington Football Team head coach Ron Rivera also said he didn’t see anything dirty.

“He got cut, and as he was going down, he saw Kyle trying to boot outside…just a guy trying to make a play,” Rivera said. “I don’t think it’s a dirty play. I’ve been in that situation, and I get it. Peppers is a heck of a football player who plays at 100 miles per hour.”

Added Giants coach Joe Judge: “Obviously our thoughts are with Kyle, and hopefully nothing severe. He’s a good competitor, who we have a lot of respect for.”

Alex Smith came in to replace Allen and played well, but the Giants sealed the game late with an interception by Logan Ryan, who himself had an emotional week after a team trainer’s advice helped Ryan’s wife determine, and avoid complications from, an ectopic pregnancy earlier this week.

“It was an extremely emotional week, and I’m extremely grateful to the organization. My wife is a fighter, and I’m very fortunate not to lose her,” Ryan said. “That game was definitely for my wife and my family; I had her name written on my cleats, and that ball is for her.”

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