Brandon Jacobs: David Tyree couldn't even catch a cold in practices before Super Bowl


Few things are more epic than New York Giants wideout David Tyree's unforgettable helmet catch in Super Bowl XLII against the New England Patriots. In terms of plays made in the history of the Super Bowl, nothing was more epic, at least according to NFL's list.

It was so iconic, in part, due to the difficulty level and the context in which the catch was made. But it also stood out because, of all the players who could have possibly made the catch, it was David Tyree, who finished that 2007 season with four catches for 35 yards. That's it.

Former teammate and longtime Giants running back Brandon Jacobs shared his perspective on just how unlikely the catch was, and it's even more hilarious than Tyree's grab was impressive. Patrick Peterson and Bryant McFadden asked Jacobs if it was one of the best plays in Super Bowl history on the "All Things Covered" podcast.

"Absolutely. David couldn't catch a cold all week long, man, in practice," Jacobs recalled. "David couldn't catch a cold soaking wet, standing in Alaska at negative 30 degrees. Could not catch a cold, at all. You know, he was dropping everything, hitting them in his hands.

"...that's one of the best catches in Super Bowl history."

A debate ensued regarding whether or not it's the better catch than Santonio Holmes' unreal grab in the end zone in Super Bowl XLIII, with McFadden arguing that Tyree's was more luck than anything else, while Holmes' was skill. McFadden (a former Steeler) and Jacobs (a former Giant) obviously have some bias weighing into each of their opinions, so we turn to Patrick Peterson for whether he thinks Tyree relied more on luck or on skill.

"I think, honestly, that was great ball awareness," Peterson said. "I say skill. Because I caught a ball off my helmet before. I got ball skills!"

Perhaps this is the start of a new debate, with the two sides even more fiercely defensive of their beloved receiver than in the Jordan vs. LeBron debate... or maybe that's just wishful thinking. At least this debate could actually come to a rational conclusion, whereas we can never truly explore the depths of the NBA's GOAT debate.

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