Jenn Sterger Sheds Light on What Antonio Brown Accuser Will Face

By , RADIO.COM Sports

Allegations of sexual assault and rape against Antonio Brown have rocked the NFL and sports world this week. As the fallout continues, the New England Patriots wide receiver has already been defiant in his denial of any wrongdoing.

Jennifer Sterger, co-host of RADIO.COM’s “Swing and Mrs.” podcast, applauded Brown’s accuser — his former trainer, Britney Taylor — for going through with the civil lawsuit, but warned of a challenging road ahead.

“They are looking for literally anything you’ve ever done wrong in your life and they are going to put it in public opinion,” Sterger said. “If you think you’re going to have a fair, civil trial, you are wrong.”

Brown is accused of three separate incidents in the lawsuit, including forcibly raping Taylor in 2018. There are even text messages which show Brown bragging of one of the alleged incidents that occurred in 2017, but Brown maintains that any relationship he had with Taylor was consensual.

“If this stuff is remotely true, I don’t blame her for filing this lawsuit,” Sterger said.

Sterger, 36, spoke from her own experiences in which she was a victim of sexual harassment.

“Anything [Taylor’s] ever done in college, any dumb pictures she’s posted on Facebook, they are reaching out to relatives, ex-boyfriends, ex-employers, people she’s worked with to see if she’s had ‘inappropriate’ conduct in the workplace,” Sterger said. “Meaning has she ever dated her co-workers? Has she ever hooked up with any co-workers? They are literally hitting this at any angle possible to make her look like an unreliable witness.”