Jerry Rice: Rodgers won’t join 49ers because he still holds ‘grudge’ over draft snub

By 95.7 The Game

So much for the Aaron-Rodgers-to-the-49ers speculation, at least according to one Jerry Rice.

“Aaron’s not gonna want to come here,” Rice told 95.7 The Game’s The Morning Roast on Monday. “He’s not gonna want to come here because the 49ers didn’t draft him.”

“He’s still got that grudge,” Rice continued.

The idea of Rodgers departing the Packers was buzzing across Twitter on Sunday after Green Bay lost the NFC Championship Game, 31-26, to the Bucs and Tom Brady.

“He’s still got that on his shoulders and I’m not saying this guy is not gonna stay in Green Bay because it’s got to be frustrating to him because he’s lost the last two championship games," Rice said.

“And just watching that team yesterday, for some reason, man. It’s like, ‘This is your home turf, you have the perfect opportunity. You win this football game you go on to Tampa to play in the Super Bowl.’

“He had the opportunity yesterday during the fourth quarter where he should have ran with that football. On that final drive, also, it’s like he had an opportunity. And somehow your quarterback’s got to sell out and give his body up and say, ‘Hey, look I’m going to do whatever I have to do to get that ball into the end zone. And, he didn’t do that. He tried to throw it to (Davante) Adams and then they kicked a field goal and that was pretty much the ball game.”

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