Ex-QB bust Johnny Manziel seemed to take joy in Browns' playoff loss to Chiefs


The 2020 Cleveland Browns delivered the franchise’s best season in 26 years as the entire city and former players rallied around the team.

Well, not every former player.

Following Sunday’s crushing 22-17 loss to the defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs, former Browns quarterback bust Johnny Manziel appeared to have a moment of schadenfreude as his ex-team was eliminated from the playoffs.

The 2014 first-round pick tweeted a GIF of ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith sipping on a shake and smiling not long after the final whistle blew.

Many fans who saw the tweet did not seem to appreciate it coming from Manziel, whose career flamed out after the 2015 season due to his off-field trouble and subpar play on the field -- finishing with a career 2-6 record as the Browns starting quarterback.

Manziel followed up with a tweet that said, “you mfs jumping to conclusions,” but then stated what everyone kind of already concluded – that he was just petty.

He also tweeted that people “can’t take L’s in 2021. Grow up s—t happens.”

Manziel even got into it with a few others on Twitter, telling a female reporter who suggested he was watching the game on his mom’s couch that he was “feet up in some 1’s in a 5 star hotel … f—k you mean.”

He responded to another fan’s since-deleted tweet that he couldn’t hear him through all the money in his ear.

Perhaps Manziel is the one who still has some growing up to do.

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