Keyshawn Johnson says Trevor Lawrence is not Jets' savior: 'Your team sucks'


The New York Jets remain the only winless team in the NFL after dropping to 0-6, which puts them in the driver’s seat for the Trevor Lawrence sweepstakes next spring.

But not everyone thinks that Lawrence will be a savior of sorts for the Jets.

Former Jets star Keyshawn Johnson went on a rant during his morning radio show on Monday, hammering home the point that drafting Lawrence will not solve the woes that continue to haunt the Jets.

“I think he’s a great quarterback, but if you’re the New York Jets, you have bigger holes than Trevor Lawrence at quarterback,” Johnson said. “Your team sucks. It’s the worst thing going. You drafted a guy, three years ago, with the third pick of the draft because he was your Trevor Lawrence. He has nothing around him. Zero. Zilch. Nothing. He looks good at times and bad at times. With nothing around him. With a coach – how he wind up coaching the Jets we’ll never know – but you’re ready to move on from him because you think [Lawrence] is the next Andrew Luck?”

Lawrence, a junior at Clemson who led the team to a national title as a true freshman, has been hyped as a future NFL star for the last few years. He is coming off a performance in which he threw for a career-high 404 yards, five touchdowns and an interception. All five touchdowns came in the first half.

Yet, Johnson said if Lawrence is going to succeed in the NFL, who on the Jets is going to help him reach his potential?

“They act like Andrew Luck turned out to be Petyon Manning,” Johnson continued. “Mind you, when Peyton Manning was the No. 1 pick, the Indianapolis Colts had a guy there at the time named Marvin Harrison who turned out to be a Hall of Famer. Is there any Marvin Harrison on the New York Jets?

“They had a guy named Marshall Faulk. Then they drafted a dude named Edgerrin James.  Is there any of them dudes anywhere around New York? Anybody like that on this team? So, I don’t understand why they think the quarterback is the answer when you have one you can put pieces around. You take that No.1 pick and you trade it, you do what the Celtics in basketball have done. You stockpile a bunch of picks and find guys who can help you build a damn team.”

Darnold, meanwhile, is still just 23 years old but has appeared to regress under Adam Gase as his head coach. He also has struggled to stay healthy and is currently dealing with an AC joint sprain in his right shoulder.

But Johnson is adamant to continue to build around Darnold.

“I understand the sexiness,” Johnson said. “But you got bigger holes on the team than the quarterback. Use your brain, fans. That’s all I’m saying. Use your brain.”

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