Peter King suggests Deshaun Watson 'upset' after Texans decline to interview Bieniemy

By WEEI 93.7

On Tuesday night, hours after it was learned Nick Caserio would be the Texans' next general manager, quarterback Deshaun Watson posted a cryptic tweet, which has since been deleted.

"Some things never change," it read.

The tweet could have been in reference to a number of different things, both on and off the football field, but it was clear he was bothered by something.

On Thursday, NBC Sports' Peter King joined Dale & Keefe and said he believes Watson is upset the team hasn't interviewed Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy to be its next head coach.

“I really can’t, at least right now," King said when asked if he thinks the Texans would ever trade Watson. "I think Deshaun Watson is probably pretty upset that the Texans won't even interview Eric Bieniemy. Deshaun Watson is pretty close to Patrick Mahomes and I’m sure Mahomes is saying, You would be killer with Eric Bieniemy.' And I don’t quite understand it, really.

"As somebody in the league told me about a week ago when I was asking about doing Zoom interviews for his team — this is a team president of a team who has some availability right now — and he goes, ‘It’s almost the worst news, but in some ways, it’s the best news. It’s the worst news because it’s different when you interview someone on Zoom versus interviewing him in person, but the good part of it is now if we want to interview John Doe and normally you’d get on the owners plane and you’d fly somewhere and you’d interview a guy, maybe have dinner with them, all that stuff, it might be a 5-6 hour proposition. But this year, it’s an hour-and-a-half or two hours and you basically do a lot of interviews and you decide at that point who do you want to go forward with and interview a second and maybe even third time.'

"That’s why — how hard is it to invest two hours with Eric Bieniemy? And not just to check a box, either. I mean, who wouldn’t want to interview a guy who has been at the right hand of Andy Reid for eight years in Kansas City and watch that thing get built the right way? It’s not the first thing the Texans have done to make me scratch my head, but it certainly is the current one.”

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