LeBron James Says Joe Burrow Is 'SPECIAL' After 1st Career Passing TD


LeBron James, the former heart and soul of the Cleveland sports universe and native of Akron, Ohio, watches his Browns with the same passion as many fans.

He's been through the ups and the downs, with emphasis on the latter, and he's expressed his excitement for what this team has in store for 2020.

After Odell Beckham's touchdown early on in the contest, LeBron was there with the rest of the Dawg Pound, rooting for the star WR -- and probably breathing a sigh of relief that he and Baker had finally found a connection.

But it was his praise not of a Cleveland Brown, but of a Cincinnati Bengal, that drew the biggest reaction from his massive Twitter following.

When LeBron James calls you "special," and adds on that you have the "IT" factor... that holds some weight. Seriously. It's not like we didn't know what Joe Burrow was all about coming out of LSU -- there's a reason he was the No. 1 overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft -- but it's still some high praise that's hard to ignore.

And the Bengals didn't ignore it.

But wait... this sounds familiar. Maybe that's because LeBron also said that Mayfield has the "it" factor in an interview with Jason Lloyd in 2018.

“I think the quarterback of the Browns should always be the face of the city,” James said. “The quarterback position is the most prestigious position in sports, period. And the fact that he has the ‘it’ factor, you can tell that teammates like playing with him. They look like a different franchise when he’s at quarterback."

Hmm... how many quarterbacks has LeBron said this about after all?

We know that a decent amount of NBA players view as the G.O.A.T. in the history of basketball, but we wonder if these recent compliments would sway Mayfield and Burrow's opinions at all.

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